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An ode to our studio
Come join our tribe at Yoga Wild Oceanside;
A vibe like no other, you’ll soon discover.

Vibrant and bold, bright colors to behold;

Happy smiling faces with no airs or graces.
We’ll kick your behind, shape your body & mind;
Get you bendy and strong in not very long.

Our classes are rocking, people come flocking;
To sweat and stretch and to heal and to strengthen
Hot Pilates is pumping with Hip hop & house;
But in yoga you shall be as quiet as a mouse.
Each day you’ll feel stronger than the day before;
And so you’ll come back for more & yet more.
So come check us out on Seagaze drive;
Take Mission Avenue off the I5.
Just get off your ass and get to a class;
'I regret going to yoga', said no-one ever!

3 classes for $48
to be used within 10 days.
*New members only

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