What's the status of my membership?

We need each other and we need our yoga now more than ever. We are holding classes at the park so that we can still practice together and have the support of our wonderful community. Right now we are working to serve our members while finding a way to remain viable. We so want to be able to open the doors to our gorgeous studio when all this tides over. We hope you will support us by continuing your memberships and joining us at our outdoor classes.

Even if we can generate a small amount of business, it would help us tremendously. From our part, we promise to put our heart and soul into bringing you the most magical classes we can.

Here is what we are doing with existing memberships

Auto pay members


We spoke to a few members that attended the outdoor classes and all of them wanted to continue their memberships so they could attend the outdoor  classes (with the option of the recorded classes too). We want to give you the choice.

1. Stay a member and access unlimited outdoor and virtual classes for a reduced price of $79 per month. We will do this from our end as and when your membership renewal date comes up.
2. Or, pay a smaller amount to support us.  If you don't want to participate in outdoor/ virtual classes, but would still like to support us, maybe you might consider paying a small amount while the studio is closed. If so please email us and let us know what amount you would be able to support with.
3. Or, cease your membership payments completely. Please let us know if you want us to stop all payments. We truly understand if you prefer to do this.

Intro offers, class pass holders, annual members


Intro offers will continue as is during this time with all members who hold these packages being able to access unlimited outdoor and virtual classes for the duration of their memberships.

Class pass holders - You can either use your existing class pass to book outdoor/ virtual classes, or if you prefer, do drop ins instead. Alternatively, if you want to hold off until the studio reopens, that's fine too and we will adjust the end date accordingly.

Annual passes will also continue as is during this
time. Please join us for our magical classes!

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Tel: 760 754 6803

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