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Yoga Teacher Training

Starts March 9th 202

Are you passionate about your yoga practice and want to go deeper? Perhaps yoga has healed you so profoundly that you want to share this powerfully healing sequence with others. You don't need to be able to do every asana perfectly to become an inspirational teacher. 

Our 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will guide, inspire and challenge you to not only transform your own practice and deepen your understanding of your own body but also empower you to apply this powerful experience to guide others. 

Our training program offers so much more than just learning the mechanics of each pose or the origins of yoga. You will build confidence, charisma and refine your interpersonal skills to be able to lead a powerful class - one where every student will feel inspired and challenged.

  • Delve deeper into your personal yoga practice

  • Explore yoga philosophy – understand the history of yoga and the science at the heart of this powerful practice.

  • Build lasting and meaningful relationships - Bonds made during teacher training last a lifetime

  • Accelerate transformation in your life – Have you ever left a yoga class feeling like the BEST you? In teacher training there is an even more powerful pace of transformation taking effect! 


How will the Teacher Training work for me?

We understand that people come to our training for unique reasons. For some people it is because they want to develop a keener awareness of their own practice and a deeper understanding of yoga. Some wish to become yoga teachers by the end of the program. Our training program will work with individuals to help them achieve their unique goals.

You will have access to mentoring throughout the training to help you with your personal goals. 


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What you will learn

Bikram yoga hand and wrist  stretching e


Proper alignment is critical to harnessing the healing benefits of yoga. You will discover a new level of depth in each posture, including subtle yet powerful nuances that will transform your practice and those of your students. The benefits of each pose are explored in depth. 

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Studying the muscles, joints and bones within the human body will enable you to understand how each pose in the sequence works to create the healing benefits of this practice. Specifically, we will also understand how different bodies have varying anatomical differences and why one size doesn't always fit all. 

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This important module will cover how the different poses should be modified for people who may be healing from injuries or have other limitations. You will be able to apply these modifications to your own practice if required. As a future teacher you will be able assist those who need adjustments to perform the poses effectively. 

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Voice & Projection

Our training covers practical techniques and tips on how to harness the power of your voice. You will learn how to use your voice  to encourage, to challenge, to empathize and to cajole your class to push to their best potential. Our trainers have backgrounds in voiceover work, singing and ballet.

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The Art of Teaching

Teaching a great class is all about creating a real connection with the room. How do you motivate your class when energy may be lagging? How do you encourage the newbie to keep going while inspiring your advanced students to go deeper? You will learn how to manage the dynamics of your class and how to strike the right balance between challenging your students and being compassionate.

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Meditation & Pranayama

The word 'Yoga" means union. Union between mind and body, between breath and energy. Your training will include introduction to yoga sutras, practicing meditation techniques and different pranayama breathing exercises.  You will gain awareness of how yoga heals not only the body but also the mind and the underlying life force itself.  In doing so, you will have the tools to bring yourself and your students to experience the meditative aspects of yoga.

Training schedule

Teacher training runs from 9th March graduation weekend on November 2nd and 3rd. The 200 hours include 10 weekends of classes (Saturdays & Sundays) and 40 hours of home study. We will meet every 3rd weekend..  Aside from the classroom portion, individual practice time in our studio is also required, and counts toward the total contact time.  We highly recommend attending at least 3 classes per week, in addition to the teacher training weekends. 

Time: Saturdays 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Sundays 11am to 6pm with breaks.


Training dates

  • March 9 and 10

  • April 6 and 7

  • April 27 and 28

  • May 18 and 19

  • June 8 and 9

  • June 29 and 30

  • July 20 and 21

  • August 10 and 11

  • August 31 and September 1

  • September 21 and 22

  • October 12 and 13

  • November 2 and 3 (Graduation)

Your Trainers


Audrey Burns

Audrey has over 8 years in the wellness movement with a background as an advanced certified massage therapist and E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher.  Practicing yoga since 2014, she received her E-RYT 200 from Yax Yoga Concepts, in 2015 and her E-RYT 500 from Peace, Love, and Yoga in 2023.  She has led teacher training across the country, guiding workshops, spreading her love of yoga, and empowering others to do the same.


Her teaching style is an organic blend of traditional Hatha yoga combined with Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on breath, mindful movement, and intention.  Audrey’s classes artfully interweave yogic philosophy and mindfulness practices as a focal point for the mind and spirit. Her goal is for all students regardless of ability, flexibility, or experience to find peace and stillness on their yoga mat and in life. Her background in dance is apparent in her powerful yet nurturing classes and she believes strongly that yoga and mindfulness practices can help rejuvenate our bodies, quiet our minds, and transform our lives. 


Working with all the modalities that were passed on to her, she strives to always keep in line with the true intention of helping others on their path to a higher level while seeking new science on yoga and anatomy. 

Certifications: E-RYT 200 from Yax Yoga Concepts, E-RYT 500 from Peace, Love, and Yoga, YACEP Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance, Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Massage Therapist from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Usui Reiki Practitioner with Thomas Capshew, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet and Modern Dance from The Boston Conservatory

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Justin Greene 

Justin has instructed over 1,500 yoga classes since he started teaching in 2016.  Teaching to diverse groups of students has created within him a passion to ensure that every person in his class can realize their absolute best in each pose, no matter what their skill level/ body type. Training with Justin will give you keen insight into alignment precision as well as how to make even the most complex pose accessible to people of all skill levels. Justin runs posture workshops at Yoga Wild and is certified in Yin Yoga and Hot Pilates.


Aside from his passion for yoga Justin is a talented voice actor and singer who will work with you to harness your voice to dynamic effect. 

Guest lectures


Vineetha Heyre

Vineetha's exposure to yoga started at a young age through one on one yoga lessons with a yoga master in South India. Many years later she came across the same poses in the Bikram sequence, rekindling her passion for Yoga. Vineetha's style of teaching is inclusive and motivational, she is passionate about encouraging  her students to go deeper in each class. Senior management experience gained within the UK Financial Services industry honed Vineetha's skills in influencing and building rapport with people - she puts these to powerful effect in her classes.


Vineetha will coach you on how to connect with each person in your class and build rapport with your students using principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and body language. This knowledge will not only equip you to teach to both small and large classes with confidence but can also help you become a more persuasive communicator overall. 


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: $2,999.

Yoga Alliance certified



  • $2,699 (save $300)  if paid in full by check or cash by 1st February 2024.  Purchase here

Deposit: $300 to reserve your spot.

Registration Deadline: Feb 15, 2024

Payment plan option available: 

Nine installments of $300.

Deposit of $300 paid by February 15th, 2024

Subsequent installments paid monthly on the 1st of month on March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November 2023

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