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HOT 26 YOGA (BIKRAM method 105F)
A powerful and healing yoga sequence that builds flexibility, endurance and strength. This class works every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, gland and organ in the body. We offer both a 90 minute and 60 minute version of this amazing sequence. 


A fun and challenging high intensity, low impact workout using Pilates principles to tone, tighten, strengthen and lengthen. With great music and a nightclub vibe, this class is so much fun and highly effective. We offer both a 60 minute and 45 minute version of this powerful class that is popularly known as Inferno Hot Pilates.


Vinyasa connects individual poses or asanas with deep breaths in a series of flowing sequences of movement. At our studio no two Vinyasa classes are the same! All our Vinyasa teachers have their unique styles and sequences so it's always fresh and exciting. 

An athletic style of vinyasa yoga that incorporates a defined series of postures, linking purposeful breath and movement. Challenging and intense, this class will raise your heart rate and build strength and flexibility.


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