Please make sure you read our new policy and watch the little video. 

Welcome! We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you as you achieve your goals. We are an open and friendly studio and you will feel right at home. 


Our classes are designed for all levels - complete beginners to workout pros. Expect to be challenged, have fun and sweat - you will leave feeling better than when you came in!


Our FAR Infrared heat is deeply healing! click here for more info on the benefits.

You will need to purchase a package online and book a class before you visit the studio. The purchase process will also register you as a new member on our system. 

If you are a beginner to hot yoga, it can be a bit daunting to begin with. But we are here to help you! The below points will help you understand how to approach the class.

  • Bring your own yoga mat, a LARGE towel that covers your mat and an extra towel. You will also need  a waterproof bag to contain your used items as you leave class.

  • Hydrate well before class. Electrolytes help a lot!

  • CELLPHONES should be turned off. 

  • Bring enough water with you (a large water bottle) to last the full class. The teacher will offer water breaks during the class. Please try to keep to these if you can - you will acclimatize much quicker to the heat and discipline if you do so.

  • In Yoga maintain silence and stillness. Please do not talk in class. 

  • Stay on your mat for the entire class. Be mindful not to disrupt the peaceful energy in class.

  • You will not be able to re-enter the lobby or use the restrooms after class starts.

  • If you need to leave early, gather all your belongings and leave via the back door maintaining social distancing from other members as you do so.

  • Keep away from oils, lotions and heavy per­fume before class. 

  • ALWAYS wear enough clothes to cover the essentials. 

  • Stay with the poses being offered by the instruc­tor, mod­ify them if needed, and keep the prac­tice healthy for your body.  

Come with an open mind and get ready to have fun and be challenged.

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