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Our studio etiquette to ensure all our members have a wonderful yoga experience!

  • Please arrive on time for class. If this is your first class, please arrive 10 minutes before class to allow enough time to sign required paperwork and get settled before class.

  • Please use the restroom before class. You will not be able to access the restrooms until class ends. If you need to leave early, please exit via the Fire exit at the back of the room.

  • No mobile phones in the yoga room. No beeping apple watches either!

  • Please leave all your personal belongings in the locker rooms. 

  • Avoid wearing perfume, body oils, makeup, jewelry to class.

  • Make sure to wear suitable clothing to cover the essentials! 

  • Please bring a LARGE bottle of water (or even 2 bottles) so you have enough to last you through the entire class. 

  • Bring a yoga mat and TWO towels - a LARGE towel to cover your mat and another towel to clean your spot after class.

  • Rental mats and towels are available for $2 each.

  • If you sweat a lot, please bring an extra towel(s) to clean up your sweat puddles before you leave so as to be considerate to your fellow practitioners and teachers. 

  • Come to class well hydrated with an empty stomach (no food 3 hours before class).

  • If you need to skip out on a posture during class, please be respectful to your fellow practitioners by being still.

  • We offer water breaks during the class. If you need additional water please drink between postures and not while others are in the midst of a posture.

  • Please stay in the yoga room during class. Leaving the room is disruptive to your practice and to others in the class.

  • If you rent a mat or towel please remember to return it to the blue bin by the front desk. 

  • Come with an open mind and a smile! We look forward to welcoming you at our studio! 

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