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Beloved friends, we have arrived at the difficult decision to temporarily close the studio in light of the Covid 19 outbreak. 

Governments have locked down entire countries, schools and businesses have closed around the globe, events have been cancelled. Increased number of cases are being reported daily.

One thing is clear - we need to be taking this situation seriously.

We have a huge responsibility to protect our community. The younger and healthier among us may fare well despite the illness but we have a duty of care to protect the elderly, the frail and the immuno-compromised. 

Let's try to control this outbreak as a community, to help "flatten the curve".  Right now this is a sacrifice we all need to make so that we can hopefully recover from this as a community, a nation, a planet.


THE SHOW MUST GO ONDear friends, we are going to make the best of this situation. Now, more than ever, we need each other, we need our community, we need our yoga.

We will be live streaming classes. Although we won't be seeing each other physically in the hot room, we are still going to practice together.

You will be seeing and hearing your favorite teachers  instruct their classes and be able to practice alongside your friends. And no need to move your mat to make space for the new person coming in either! :)


MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOWWe are busy figuring out the best way to live stream classes. Please keep checking for updates. We will announce the classes soon as well as details on how you can join.



To all of you, my team and I speak from the heart. This studio is more than just a business to us. This is our home, our family, our heart. We love you all so dearly.

In the last 2 years we have invested so much into Yoga Wild - a magnificent remodel, top of the range new floor, a state of the art infra red heating system and free alkaline water for everyone. We doubled the number of classes we offer on the schedule with amazingly talented teachers and our front desk team. 

All this was borne from a passion to create a sanctuary - where you could come to heal, to laugh, to find peace.

As we navigate through this time and offer our classes via Live Stream, please remember that our overheads continue and loans still remain to be paid. We ask for your support to get through this difficult time so we can still be here for you when this blows over. 

Memberships will continue as they are. Classes will still be offered and we will not be cancelling, extending or putting packages on hold. We are taking this stance so that you can continue to practice and Yoga Wild remains financially viable.


SENDING ALL OUR LOVE TO YOU - Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone. If you are in a position to stay home, please do.  If we all make a little sacrifice of our freedom right now by staying home, we can hopefully get past this faster.

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