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Mostly Live classes with some recorded classes.

ALL classes are held in our hot room.

Our capacity has been cut in half

We have doubled the amount of classes!

Having a mixture of mostly live and some recorded classes means we can put more classes on our schedule without having to double our prices! 

We have even more 'live' classes than before.

We are adding some recorded classes too so we can offer more class times. 


  • You still practice in our hot room and benefit from the healing of our incredible infra red heaters

  • A high quality video is played on a large projector screen

  • Superb sound quality as you hear the teacher's instruction via our amazing sound system


This is the only way we can offer enough classes to accommodate all our members. Most importantly, this allows us to keep our rates affordable for you during this time and to keep our doors open to new members who also need yoga right now.


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