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Air quality in the yoga room


In addition to wearing masks during class for everyone's safety, our  powerful ventilation system ensures healthy air quality within the yoga room.

POWERFUL CENTRIFUGAL ROOF FAN is utilized in all classes. The exhaust fan extracts 1,200 cubic feet of stale air from the yoga room every minute. 

NO RE-CIRCULATION OF AIR - The stale air that is drawn from the room escapes via the roof vent. There is therefore no worry about the same air being re-introduced into the room. 

FRESH AIR COMES INTO THE ROOM - The fan is so powerful that as it sucks out the stale air, fresh air is drawn from outside. The power is such that as soon as we turn the exhaust on, it pulls the yoga room door open by a few inches in order to draw fresh air into the room. Many of you have seen this, especially those of you who practice near the front door.

The exhaust fan will be used effectively during classes to ensure the air is fresh at all times.

Please be aware that as the fan is so powerful, it can have the effect of bringing the temperature down a bit. But to make up for this we will adjust our heaters so the heat kicks in if/ when the heat drops.

At this time our priority is safety above all else.

Please also read the robust safety measures/ policies we have incepted to keep you safe. Click here for details.

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