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In order to ensure everyone's safety, masks are required to be worn during all our classes.

This, in addition to our powerful ventilation system and social distancing between mats, increases the level of safety at our studio further. Here's an informative article about how ventilation combined with social distancing and masks can limit the spread of Coronavirus.

Is it unhealthy to exercise wearing a mask?

Please read this guidance from Ghosh Yoga school.

What kind of mask should I wear?

Which ever mask you choose, please bring 2 or 3 extra masks so you can change into a dry mask when needed. We have found that this helps considerably. 

Feedback from our members suggests that the quick drying masks work well in the hot room, such as the disposable blue masks (available widely) and the neoprene versions (available at Frazier farms for $5 to $7). 

We know it's a pain but we are all in this together!

Hopefully in a few months, once the vaccine arrives, we will be back to normal again.

In the meantime let's give this our best shot. Come to class with an open mind, a couple of suitable masks and a positive attitude. Several of us have done the classes wearing masks and it really is not as hard as you may think! :)


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